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Signal Box Canvasses Stop Traffic in Jackson

Thanks to an ambitious roster of local artists, Jackson area motorists are stopping for more than just red lights.  Fantastical, over-the-top murals are forcing commuters to hit the brakes, too!

“This has been a unique opportunity to make a mundane infrastructural element come alive with the beauty and vitality of original art,” said Janet Scott, GJAC Executive Director.

In conjunction with the Office of the Mayor and the City of Jackson’s Human and Cultural Services, Public Works, and Building and Grounds departments, GJAC is managing a major public art project to transform traffic signal boxes into artistic canvases.

GJAC Special Events Director and project coordinator Tammy Golden views the project as “a great way to enhance our environment in a safe, creative, and collaborative way.  Mississippi artists always have something amazing and colorful in store for the Jackson community.”

The pilot phase of the project focused on high traffic areas in Downtown Jackson.  Phase Two zeroed in on the Hwy 80 corridor.  More areas are in the planning stages as well.  Each artist selected is paid $1,000 to participate.

Drive safely . . . but honk if you love traffic signal box art!

A Sampling Of Phase 1/Phase 2 Creations





Click the Image Below to See a Detailed Street Map with Artist Profiles of Phase One


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