Review Process

GJAC has an annual budget for Grants for the Arts, which we manage carefully and flexibly in order to have funding available throughout the year. The goal is to support a balanced and broad scope of community activities. In addition to general assessment criteria, GJAC considers the overall range of projects as well as standing and future commitments when determining funding decisions.

General Project Restrictions:

  • Activities not related to the arts.
  • Programs primarily religious in nature.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Prize money for contests.
  • Purchase of equipment designed for long-term use.
  • Any programs discouraging public engagement on the basis of income, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, or social standing.

General Application Restrictions:

  • GJAC will only review one proposal (in any category) at one time.
  • GJAC will only approve two proposals (in any category) during a single fiscal year.

General Proposal Assessment Criteria:

  • Quality of Activity
    Does the artistic component demonstrate a high standard?
  • Public Engagement
    Does the activity increase opportunities for people to engage with or benefit from the arts?
  • Project Management
    Does the proposal reflect an ability to successfully manage the activity?
  • Financial Outlook
    Are the income and expense projections realistic for the scale of the project?

General Proposal Word Score Criteria:

  • Outstanding
  • Strong
  • Good
  • Potential
  • Concern

Any proposal that scores POTENTIAL or CONCERN in any of the four review criteria will not be recommended for funding.

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