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Fast 5 With GJAC Board’s Joyce Hart


What is your occupation?

 I am retired as Deputy Director and CEO of Administration and Finance for the Largest Children and Family Agency in Michigan.  Currently I am  part-time  Marketing Specialist for services and equipment for the deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired.  My entire professional career has been spent  providing services for those who are under represented and under served.

In what way are you most creative?

Event planning and implementation.

What artistic talent do you secretly wish you possessed?

Playing the piano.

Which movie, TV series or song is your guiltiest pleasure?

“Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z and Alicia Keys.

What compelled you to serve on the GJAC Board of Directors?

My wish is three fold: (1) To do all I can to help the Jackson  Metro area  be recognized as the premier arts and cultural center of the South; (2) To provide venues for local artists to show their work; (3) To ensure every school has art in the classroom.

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