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Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Arts Supporters,
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There’s an exciting energy in the Jackson area, and cultural advancement is a major component of that. Your Greater Jackson Arts Council is helping lead the way.

Of course, progress depends on access, advocacy, and the vibrancy of the entire arts community. And your Greater Jackson Arts Council has a far-reaching scope of services in place to address those concerns. Through our outreach programs, educational initiatives, grant opportunities, and special events, we serve as a conduit to bring together arts supporters, business leaders, and government officials, all in an effort to build a more dynamic Jackson.

Over the last 25 years, our agency has distributed more than $3.5 million in community grants.

Today, our year-round funding program averages 100 grants annually. We focus on broad scale ideas for the city, from after school programs for at-risk youth to helping develop long-term cultural tourism projects. After all, in virtually every case, the most successful cities around the country of comparable size to Jackson are using the arts as a key magnet for economic development and image enhancement. This agency is not just about work! Our special events are big tent affairs that embrace all of the arts while providing opportunities to socialize with engaged citizens from a rich cross-section of our community.

Back in 1979, our story began as a grass-roots organization called City Spirit.

We quickly evolved into the Arts Alliance of Jackson & Hinds County and have been operating as the official Arts Council for the city and county since the early 80s. Today our staff and board of directors are working to support the cultural agenda as the Greater Jackson Arts Council. Throughout our history, the board has been comprised of a diverse roster of high achieving, visionary community leaders. The same holds true today as the agency is helping to craft the next exciting chapter for our city.

Within this evolving story of the arts, there is a role for you as a corporate sponsor, individual patron, general member, grant recipient, volunteer, or artist.

And our staff is here to answer any questions you may have. Perhaps you want to apply for a grant to get a cultural project off the ground. Or maybe you would like to join our community panel roster to review grant applications in the fall or spring. No matter the inquiry, we are here to walk you through the process.

I hope everyone reading this will not only join the Greater Jackson Arts Council as a member or supporter but make special efforts to attend performances and events, contribute to creative energies in neighborhoods and schools, and become an enthusiastic advocate for the powerful things that the arts can do. So, get involved and become part of the story!


Janet Scott
Executive Director

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